Celebrities using red light therapy!

You wonder how celebrities always have perfect skin. Look no further. Their solution: LED light therapy.

It is no longer a secret, and some even boast about it on social networks like Jessica Alba, the Kardashian sisters, Kate Hudson and many others.

Jessica Alba
Kate Hudson
Chrissy Teigen

Skin treatment with LED lights is the go-to treatment for movie stars. Indeed, they are all addicted to this treatment because it is very gentle on the skin and does not require any downtime after its use. They can walk on the red carpet immediately after a treatment.

The LED mask can also be used for a temporary “facelift”, ideal if you have a dinner or party and you want to impress your audience.

Kim Kardashian
Katy Perry

Most celebrities receive LED mask treatment in famous beauty institutes where one 20 minutes session costs several hundred dollars.

But the good news is, you don’t need to ruin yourself to get this treatment. We offer three light therapy masks that use the same technology.

Our LED masks

Our three masks have a sufficient number of LEDs to have a real impact on your skin if used regularly.

The number of LEDs impacts the efficiency of a mask only to a certain point. It is the regular use of the mask that will determine its effectiveness.